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A more efficient way to find exactly what you're looking for.

Nalytics offers a fast and intuitive way to search across all your documents and files. Discover information you didn’t know you had and analyse results for key insights into the data you hold.

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A powerful search and discovery tool, enhanced with AI.

Using our three core pillars – search, discover, analyse – Nalytics offers a range of intuitive AI capabilities to parse document contents and automate routine tasks and processes such as document comparison, redaction, date recognition and more. Nalytics takes care of the tedious and repetitive work associated with a variety of everyday business activities, saving you valuable time and money that can be reinvested elsewhere in the business.


Natural Language Processing

Content Enhancers and Entity Extraction


Discover important information that might otherwise go unnoticed with NLP techniques such as word stemming, near-word matching and synonym/hypernym expansion.


Enhance data to highlight and extract key values and entities such as dates and people, or key industry language such as legal privilege.


Automatic Content Classification

Advanced Data Visualisations


Automatically classify items of content into logical groups (such as lease agreements vs. employment contracts) to focus only on documents relevant to the task at hand.


Develop a deeper understanding of the data you hold with co-occurrence diagrams and word clouds (based on either frequently occurring words and phrases or user-defined search terms).


Access your data anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

Delivered as a Software as a Service, Nalytics is a cloud-based platform which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from any device. With no need for complicated and costly on-premise implementation, you could be up and running and exploring your data within a matter of hours. Nalytics is also highly scalable and will support additional users and content without the need for any major infrastructural changes or development work.


Search across disparate data sources simultaneously.

Easily collate documents and files from disparate systems, including content held in your existing applications (such as case or matter management systems), to create comprehensive and highly relevant data sets. With a more holistic overview of your data, Nalytics then enables you to quickly locate relevant information, uncover key insights and explore connections between entities and values across your IT estate in seconds.