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Our Company 

Nalytics® is a registered trademark of Nalanda Technology Limited, an independent software vendor in the electronic search and discovery space. Through our innovative cloud-based solution we help individuals, teams and whole organisations to explore their data and find exactly what they are looking for. With our unique indexing structure and a sophisticated suite of tools and functionality covering contextual search, analysis, discovery, advanced digital redaction and semantic enhancements, we help users to discover and correlate information across all of their data and enable people to uncover new information and gain deeper insights and knowledge in order to work faster and smarter.

Internationally based with offices in London, Glasgow and Amsterdam, the company was founded by Peter O'Hara, David Rivett and Tim Barrett in 2013 to bring the core Nalytics technology to market. With a unique perspective combining years of knowledge and experience, the team have created the new standard for search and discovery across the world of unstructured data.


Our Mission

Nalytics was founded with the vision to develop and deliver core software solutions which are innovative, intuitive and efficient. Our focus is on helping individuals and business users who are at a loss in navigating and managing their electronic documents and data. We want to help people to get the right information at the right time that’s hidden within their own and their organisations' systems.


Our Inspiration

“How do we get information to the right person, at the right time, in the right way?” – A seemingly simple question, but one which continues to present us with challenges which are only amplified and made more complex by the rapid and exponential growth of big data today. The demand for information in the digital era is relentless, and data is produced and consumed from a myriad of sources.

In today’s ‘always-on’ digital economy, individuals and organisations continuously generate data from smartphones, tablets and any other devices connected to each other in the Internet of Things (IoT). All of this creates both structured and unstructured data - from documents, spreadsheets and PDFs to emails, web pages and database records, this explosion of new information continues to grow on a daily basis, with over 90 percent of all the data in today’s world having been produced since 2011! With such an abundance of big data has come an ever-growing demand for new tools and solutions to effectively deal with the challenges this presents, and thus, Nalytics was born.



Peter O'Hara

Founding Director & CEO


David Rivett

Founding Director & COO


Tim Barrett

Founding Director & CTO



Benefit from the power of Nalytics to manage your business more effectively than ever before. Let us show you the value that has been hidden in your unstructured data and documents.

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