Hello again, much has changed since our last update, we may not be working in the office but we are continuing to work and improve our products.

First up, users now have the ability to stop a data set build before all selected data sources have been added. The data set will be available for use containing all of the data indexed up to the point of the stop request.  A neat feature if you change your mind mid-build that you need to add all the selected data to a data set.

In addition, to improve build speeds, data sets built from uploaded data can now be chunked (formed from multiple sub-data sets behind the scenes).

Data sets can now be created from the contents of selected folders in Dropbox via the new Dropbox connector.

We have included a total to upload progress bar for a visual indication of the upload process.  This gives a visual cue as to how far through the build you are.

Users can now choose to store results of unlimited searches across multiple data sets.  This gives flexibility when dealing with large amounts of data.

And if that isn’t enough we’ve tweaked the redaction tool again so that when a word or phrase is redacted in one sub-data set it is reflected in all related sub- data sets, i.e. those created from the same unlimited search.

That is Nalytics 1.19, we hope you find our updates useful and allow you to get more from your data.

From all of us here at Nalytics please stay safe and we will talk soon.