Nalytics v1.200 is now complete and includes the following…

A refresh of Nalytics SARs: this update has extensive enhancements to the user interface and capabilities of our SARs solution.  A must for organizations who have to respond to Subject Access Requests, Nalytics SARs supports the response process, from curation of data, sifting, redacting, reviewing and packaging data for dissemination to the SAR requestor.

Our redaction tools now include the means of redacting a term over multiple related data sets, invaluable when a set of results has been split into separate chunks.  Redacting a term in one data set will automatically redact it in all other related data sets.  We have supported in-document redaction and auto-redaction across an entire data set for many years and now, with the advent of support across related data sets, our offering in the redaction space stands further out from the crowd.

This release sees the provision of two new connectors.  The first interfaces Nalytics SARs with Evident Proof’s anti-repudiation software so that an immutable audit of a SAR can be recorded.  Evident proof uses blockchain technology to provide an unhackable record and, if a SAR is ever in question, can produce a Proof Certificate to validate the SARs content. 

Also available is an optional connector to the AWS OCR service. When enabled, during data set creation, any image files will be sent to AWS and an OCRed version will be returned and included in the data set.  This increases the amount of searchable content in your data.

If all of that is not enough, it is now possible in enhanced data sets to highlight category values in NaView. A coloured underline, corresponding to the type of data, is used to identify the different category values.

Finally, for this release, we have extended our file tagging capability beyond SARs so it can now be used in the full Nalytics platform.

That about wraps us up for now but be sure to stay tuned for more information and our next update in the near future.