This version sees the release of our image redaction functionality, which provides a means of drawing lines, shapes and even text onto image files such as scanned documents. This further strengthens our already-strong text redaction capabilities, giving us one of the most function-rich redaction offerings around.  

To incorporate the power of our new image redaction into the SARs process, an optional final review step has been added.  At this point users can view searchable and non-searchable files and use the image redaction drawing tools to add redaction as required.

Users can now choose to include or exclude non-searchable files, such as images and scanned documents, in their SAR results. This gives the user flexibility in what they review.

Redacted output file production is now available in colour or black and white.

Performance improvements have been made in the parsing of audio-visual files, such as .MOV files, by optimising the metadata that is captured during data set creation.

Well, that’s it for this release. Stayed tuned for more updates in the near future.