Let’s start with some enhancements made to the Contract Review capability. All reviewed pages can now be exported together into Excel. This provides a secondary review mechanism where all data is viewable at once. The first search result is now automatically selected for review, eliminating the need to make this selection manually.  The UI has been neatened by ensuring long data labels are automatically truncated. Finally, when defining a form, metadata attributes and category values can be reordered to ensure they can quickly and easily be positioned for maximum effect.

We have also made several enhancements to the SARs solution. Nalytics will now split the subject name into its constituent parts and uses these to automatically calculate alternative names for the subject. Administration of the SARs solution is now easier, with Requester Type, Tags, and Dictionaries all now maintainable from inside the SARs UI. Image redaction (boxes, lines etc) is now held as a separate layer to text redaction. This enables text redaction to be modified with the image redaction being unaffected.

Users can now consolidate redacted files into a single PDF. This applies to the SARs solution as well as the Nalytics Platform itself.

To reduce the size of the redacted word list and make it more manageable, we have changed how whole categories are stored in the redacted word list. Where an entire category is redacted, this is represented as a single line item in the redacted word list. If individual values from such a category are subsequently unredacted, these are shown individually.

We now have a single access point for the primary capabilities and solutions available to the user. This is called the Hub.

Several enhancements have been made to the Curated Search user interface. A refine option allows users to change scope and case options for their searches, tags are now accessible in Curated Search and the UI has been brought into line with other solutions.

You can now use parentheses to shorten more complex search terms. For example, john smith OR john greene OR john jones becomes john (smith OR greene OR jones). This small but extremely beneficial change further strengthens our innovative search technology.

We have added a new date format to those supported by the Date enhancer. Nalytics now automatically recognises dd-mmm-yyyy e.g., 01-Mar-2021.

Users are now able on a data set by data set basis specify whether they wish to turn on OCRing or not.

Finally, we have restyled the Manage Data capability, accessible from the Hub, in line with the design principles of our other products.

There you have it Nalytics v1.250.00, I did say we hadn’t been resting on our laurels. As we get into the full swing of summer we will keep working away on further tweaks and improvements to Nalytics, and of course I will be back as soon as our next update is ready to tell you all about it.

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