It’s no secret that the legal sector is experiencing a period of digital disruption; buzzwords such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) have become ubiquitous in discussions around legal innovation – but what does all of this mean to a law firm? And what opportunities do these new technologies actually offer to improve the practice of law?

The notion that a technological revolution is here to replace lawyers tends to be considerably overstated and ultimately undermines the true potential that these technologies have to deliver valuable business benefits to law firms in a measurable and sustainable way.

Tackling these common misconceptions is the key purpose of our upcoming webinar: “AI in the Legal Sector: Hype vs. Reality”. We believe that technology should enhance human ability, not replace it, which is why we’ll be debunking the myths and discussing the ways at firms can harness and embrace technology in order to save time and money, and ultimately work more efficiently for their clients.

If you haven’t already registered for your free place, you can do so by choosing from the dates below. Let’s discuss the future of legal tech together! 

Thurs 26th April    Thurs 24th May