Hi all and welcome to this short blog post about our latest Nalytics release.  We are excited about it and hope you will be too.

First up, we have expanded our redaction capabilities so that as well as being able to apply redactions across the entire data set, you can instead choose to apply them to the current document only. We are sure that this will be a welcome addition to our already powerful redaction offering.

We pride ourselves in providing a highly performant system.  We do like to continue to push the envelope, however, and make improvements whenever we can.  This release sees two such improvements we are happy to shout about.  First of all, we have optimised the way we index meta data which has led to a greatly increased data set build performance.  Next, we have optimised searches run at data source scope when searching for multiple words.  This has improved the speed of such searches by a mind-blowing factor of 10.

And that is it for this update.  We are always striving to improve Nalytics and didn’t want you to wait for version 1.19 before rolling these updates out.

Until next time…