First up we’ve launched the Nalytics Coach, the Coach provides prompts either automatically or on demand that take the user through common actions and explains key interface elements, allowing you to get the most out of your experience.

Our redaction system now allows for the redaction of file names when that file name contains text that has been redacted.

Filters have been upgraded and now come equipped with a NOT operator, allowing users to filter data where an attribute is NOT equal to a certain value. For example, want to find all the authors in your data not equal to Charles Dickens? Well now you can!

In addition, we have tweaked our filter tab to allow users to add files they have specifically targeted for searches.

It is now possible to automatically create a data set containing the results of an unlimited search.  Unlimited Search Export to Excel has also had an upgrade.  Not only can you still export all unlimited search result sentences to Excel but you can also choose to export all primary metadata attributes or selected metadata attributes.

If your data contains image files, Nalytics now displays a thumbnail of your image with a simple hover or click function to bring up an enlarged copy. Images are also displayed in NaView.

Nalytics software now supports the creation of data sets from Samba file shares while respecting the file access authorisation meaning that a user can’t access a file in Nalytics if they can’t access it on the file share.

As always, we continue to make minor modifications and enhancements to our Subject Access Request (SAR) user interface to further improve clarity and usability.

That about does it for this post, we look forward to updating you soon on our latest modifications and enhancements.