The digital age is fundamentally changing the way organisations deal with information, and many are already taking significant steps towards becoming more data-centric in the running of their businesses. In particular, the increasing digitisation of information presents a multitude of new challenges throughout the legal sector, in which each new case and ruling can result in vast amounts of data being produced.

These challenges in turn bring about a need for more sophisticated tools and technologies to deal with them. Whether searching case management systems for legal precedent, analysing contracts to pinpoint areas of risk, or exploring IT systems in order to locate personal data for GDPR compliance, many legal professionals are increasingly recognising the considerable value of technology in supporting these tasks.

Together with a specialist market research company, we recently carried out a project with professionals across the legal sector to gather some thoughts and opinions around the use of search and discovery technologies within the industry. We’ve summarised our key findings in an infographic which can be found below.

Do you agree with our respondents? Do you recognise any potential value in this kind of software? Are there any tasks you are performing now which you think could be supported by technology and innovation in some way? We’d love to know your thoughts, so please feel free to drop us a message at or get in touch with us on twitter @NalandaTech.