Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I have lived in Scotland for 5 and half years, having come here to complete a Master’s Degree in Information Technology at the University of Glasgow. Before that I lived in Athens, Greece (where I’m from) and made the big decision to study and follow a career in IT. My bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration from University of Piraeus and my background is in technical support, ICT support and web development.


What’s your role at Nalytics? What does that entail on an average day?

I am a Software Engineer at Nalytics and being part of the development team my role involves Software Development and Software Testing. I work on adding new functionality to the product, writing code and fixing bugs. I am also responsible for the testing of the software which involves functional, performance, regression and stress tests in order to make sure that the product is stable and robust with every release.


What’s your favourite aspect of the job?

Software development is ultimately all about problem solving; give me a problem and I will work hard to find the solution. I always enjoy learning about something in theory and then putting it into practice to see if it actually works. Also, being faced with a problem which may initially seem hard to solve, and the feeling of solving it after trying hard, fascinates me. Development also involves a lot of creativity because you create something new that makes people’s lives easier. Being creative is something that entices me, and which brings meaning and a sense of fulfilment to a single day.


What made you want to get into the tech industry?

I didn’t want to work in a bank or be an accountant because I personally find those kinds of jobs rather dull; they don’t change quite often as the tech industry does. The fact that I am a hands-on person and have a passion for technology is what made me understand that the IT sector is the one I have to follow… and I did this by coming to Glasgow to do my Master's Degree in IT.


Are there any industry developments that you think people should keep an eye out for?

I think Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the two developments that are becoming prevalent in our lives and which I’m sure will continue to be into the future too. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are something people should keep an eye out for too.


What are your interests outside of work (hobbies, etc.)?

After 10 years of swimming at a championship level, I now exercise by working out in the gym and cycling to work. I also love listening to and playing music, so whenever I get the chance I am the DJ at parties and clubs to get everyone up and dancing! I also enjoy cinema, video games and travelling.