Hi there. My name is Matt Mackay and I’ve just started working with the Nalytics team as the new Marketing Intern based in their Glasgow office. This is my first foray into the world of blogging (and the world of tech), so I’ll keep this brief to say a quick hello and share a little bit of what I’ll be working on.

I recently moved back to Glasgow (my hometown) after graduating from the University of Edinburgh this past summer, and I’m really excited to be starting out my career as part of a fast-growing tech start-up like Nalytics. I’ve heard about how the culture and atmosphere in an office of this nature allows for greater collaboration and dialogue between employees, and the dynamic here at Nalytics appears to be no different. Our team is a small one and everyone works side by side, so it's comforting to know that it's as easy as swivelling round or jumping to the next desk to ask for help, or to run an idea by someone. As for those who aren’t based in Glasgow, Skype essentially removes any geographical barriers and allows us to work together in real time anyway, so it’s great to know that I’m part of a company with a growing international presence and team.


My Role

As a Marketing Intern, I’ll be working on a wide range of activities, from managing Nalytics’ social media campaigns and PR activities, to customer relationship management and maintenance of the Nalytics website through our CMS. I've also noticed some prominent industry discussion around the forthcoming GDPR legislation that will come into force on the 25th May 2018, and considering the repercussions it poses within marketing, I’m surprised (and, I admit, a bit embarrassed) that I was unaware of this until now. I have however been pointed in the direction of some articles and debates online about how marketers might (will!) be able to use the GDPR to their advantage in order to continue to effectively target their customers. After all, effective lead generation relies on quality prospect information, so if GDPR ensures that we are collecting and handling this kind of information more responsibly (than we already are, of course), then I'm sure it can only be beneficial in the long run. In any case, I’m looking forward to confronting those challenges and supporting the Nalytics team as best I can in the coming months.

I'm also working on a more focused project looking at the potential use of the Nalytics platform in law schools across the UK. There is an increasing awareness of the value that lies in the use of technology within the legal sector, and Nalytics has some really interesting applications in this context that could be extremely valuable for law students to be aware of when starting out their careers. Keep an eye out for my progress on this over the coming months.


Meet the Nalytics Team Series

Finally, as a relative newbie to the tech world, and to Nalytics specifically, you can probably imagine that there’s a lot of getting to know the industry and the people working within it that's involved in these first few months. So to that end, whilst I’m getting to know my co-workers a bit better I'll be sharing some of their stories with you too, so that you can get to know the folks behind the product a bit better. Look out for some 'Meet the Nalytics Team' updates coming soon...

That’s all for now, but I’m excited and very grateful to be part of Nalytics, and I'm looking forward to working with the team here in Glasgow over the course of the next year!