The current need for urgent information on research, regulation and guidance surrounding Covid-19 prompted this initiative.  Nalytics can readily capture digital information from research archives, websites or social media feeds, or simply internal corporate repositories like SharePoint.  Nalytics then uses its powerful indexer to turn this morass of information into a meaningful format for user exploration, discovery and precision search.  Plus, interactive word-clouds can be presented as microsites for general user access, to search for information in which they are interested.  An easy way for any user to explore a complex body of information, quickly.  And the repository is updated regularly for the latest information.

The first set of microsites focus on the current Coronavirus crisis:

Subsequent microsites include:

  • Corporate Governance – HR policy documents
  • GDPR
  • Brexit

If you have a body of information that you wish to make available, please get in touch and let’s launch a collaborative microsite for the benefit of your user community or employees.