It is May, the sun is shining – yes, even here in Scotland – and it’s time for a new release of Nalytics. Version 1.12 contains a variety of improvements and new features, some of which I discuss below.

We are always eager to make Nalytics as intuitive as possible. With this in mind, in this release we have made a few cosmetic changes to the user interface. An example of this is with the REGEX enhancer. If you recall it is this enhancer that recognises patterns and so is used to identify and surface personal data such as NI numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, phone numbers and so on – basically anything that conforms to a definable pattern. It seems only natural therefore to rename the enhancer, the Pattern enhancer, so that is just what we have done.

In v1.10 we introduced a dictionary maintenance capability to make it nice and easy for users to create and update the dictionaries used by the enhancers in Nalytics. However, there was one dictionary that couldn’t be maintained using the new capability – the date type dictionary. Well, we have resolved that now, so in v1.12 all dictionaries are maintainable using the dictionary maintenance capability.

Have you ever taken a look at Analysis view? It is accessed using the Analyse icon in the header of the main Nalytics screen. In here, you see a summary of all the searches you have run during a session as well as the results of these searches. You can rerun searches or pull up specific results simply by clicking the relevant link in Analyse view. You can also export the results to Excel if you want to undertake further analysis. Anyway, we thought it was time to refresh the contents of Analyse view so that users can garner even more value from it. As well as adding links to jump to the different results types, we have added more descriptive headings, improved visualisations and reversed the display order so that the most recently run search appears at the top. Take a look next time you are using Nalytics. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

myWords is a convenient place to save words and phrases for searching and generating Word Clouds. In this release, two additional methods of updating a myWords list have been added. Firstly, you can transfer words from the search box into a myWords list. This means that if you have run a search then think that it would be useful to save the terms to use again later, against a different data set for example, you can do. The second new way of updating a myWords list is from a text file. So, maybe you have a text file of terms, people, projects, places, or whatever, that you would like to use in a Nalytics search. Now, you can pull the contents of the file directly into a myWords list and off you go.

These are just a few of the changes made to Nalytics in v1.12. We will be updating customer instances very soon so you can experience things for yourself. Enjoy!