Hello and welcome to this, our release blog for Nalytics 1.14. This release contains some very exciting new capabilities that are sure to be of interest to users in the legal domain and beyond.

Our previous release saw the much-anticipated introduction of the Nalytics Solution Framework, created to support our new modular solutions and workflows. Now, in addition to the Subject Access Request Module, we’re delighted to announce the release of the Nalytics Contract Reviewer - the latest addition to our Legal Toolkit.

For many lawyers, contract review is something of a necessary evil; the manual process can be repetitive and mundane, but the work is crucial. The Contract Reviewer is a highly configurable solution designed to alleviate some of this burden. By gathering relevant information from your contracts and displaying it in an easily reviewable form, it facilitates faster comprehension of contractual data (supporting tasks such as due diligence), enables appraisal of contractual obligations, and automatically identifies key contractual events.

Another feature we’re sure our users are going to love is the new Twitter Connector, which allows you to create data sets from tweets sourced using Twitter display names, #hashtags, general search terms or mentions of @usernames (or ‘handles’). A great deal of industry commentary and discussion takes place online today and social media plays a significant role in facilitating these conversations. The ability to search across historic social media content to monitor this discussion, track hot topics, and keep up to date with what key industry thought leaders and players are saying has the potential to deliver real business value and intelligence - the Nalytics Twitter Connector will make this process a lot easier.

We love developing Nalytics’ search and discovery capabilities to meet and exceed the requirements of our users - it is, after all, at the core of what we do - but we also understand that being able to conveniently and securely share results and findings, either with your team or with relevant third parties, can be just as important. To that end, this release also sees the introduction of a zip file creation capability, which provides a means of zipping up data sources for external dissemination. Any files added to the zip will carry over with all applied redactions intact, so we’re sure this feature will be particularly useful for those of you using Nalytics to prepare Subject Access Request responses, which often involve the handling of sensitive or confidential information. Users can now also display redactions in (copies of) original PowerPoint, Excel and Email files – a seemingly small but well sought-after improvement!

These are just a few of the changes coming to you as part of 1.14. Our focus now turns to 1.15 and the development of more capabilities to help Nalytics to bring even more value to our customers.