As promised this blog post is here to announce the launch of Nalytics 1.15.

Version 1.15 builds on the features released in versions 1.13 and 1.14 giving the user even more flexibility both in terms of function and accessibility with the launch of a Subject Access Request (SAR) Pay-As-you-Go Solution.

Nalytics SARs makes clever use of the search, redaction and dissemination capabilities of the Nalytics platform. Providing a simple, uncluttered interface and process driven workflow that takes the user through each step of curating and searching data, reviewing and redacting information before producing a zip package of data to be shared.

With this release the user can now redact large amounts of text such as long phrases, sentences and whole or even multiple paragraphs. Alongside this improved redaction function there are now three distinct ways to view redacted information.

There are now three view ‘states’ for redacted terms. 

  • Show Redacted Text: Redacted information is fully visible
  • Highlight Redacted Text: Any information marked for redaction is highlighted with a grey background
  • Redact Text Fully: Any information marked for redaction is hidden by a black box

In addition to the improvements made in redaction capabilities, a number of user interface changes have been made to give the user an enhanced experience and open up more capability in the system.

Word clouds generated from categories now show 50 words rather than the previous 25.  This gives a more comprehensive view of the clouded information. If certain words are not useful in the cloud, they can now be removed.

Columnar reports and pivot tables now can show a count the number of unique occurrences within any category type, for example, you can easily check how many people are mentioned in a particular document.

Users can now connect to SmartRoom virtual data rooms, this enables users to undertake even the most challenging information search and discovery tasks across all of their SmartRoom data.

Our new name enhancer automatically finds and surfaces the first, family and full names that are in a data set.

In addition to all of this we have added category bubble charts and a bulk document compare function, bubble charts can be created for selected documents showing the category values contained within them, this function is configurable to your needs. With our bulk document compare facility you can now compare documents in two data sets, missing or additional documents and content differences between the same document in each set will be reported back to you allowing for easy identification of the differences between your comparable sets.

Finally, we have given you the ability to pause and if needed to cancel the building of your data set.

At Nalytics we strive to improve the functionality and ease of use of our platform and will continue to do so and you will be sure to hear about it here first…