Short and Sweet

I would refer to 1.8 as a short and sweet Nalytics release – the development cycle was a few short weeks and it was focused predominantly on a single ‘cool’ feature. Short and sweet may not be business-parlance but it describes 1.8 perfectly. So what is this ‘cool’ feature?

Data Source Compare – a means of comparing one data source (Word document, PDF or whatever) with another. Why would you want to do that? Well, if you are a lawyer or paralegal you may well have to undertake contract reviews, e.g. to find contracts which contain clauses that are non-standard, or to check that clauses are not missing. Or, have you ever come across two or even more of what seems like the same document in your organisation’s document store? How do you work out whether they are actually the same, or whether there are differences? If the information in your document store (SharePoint for example) is indexed and searchable in Nalytics, you can use Data Source Compare to easily and quickly see the differences between such documents.

Nalytics Data Source Compare identifies different/missing sections:


 Nalytics 1.8(1) well as comparing the text within each section and highlighting the differences:


 Nalytics 1.8(2)


It really is simple to use and is a very effective way to speed up reviews and mitigate the risks associated with non-standard or out-of-date content.

Because Data Source Compare is able to automatically identify sections within a data source, it can also be used as a neat way to navigate around a single document. Instead of selecting multiple documents to compare, just select one. You can use the section headings as a means of moving to different areas of the document:


Nalytics 1.8(3)


I love it when a single tool has multiple uses, don’t you?


Right, that’s all from me for now. I’ll be back before you know it to talk about the exciting capabilities that are finding their way into 1.9.