We’ve once again tweaked your ability to filter through your data sets, all attributes in the filter pane now have a manual search option where you can type the text you are looking for.

The Bulk Compare tool has been modified so that users have the option to include or exclude hyperlinks in the comparison, plus additional audit information will appear in the output spreadsheet.

Two administrative reports are now available to authorised users. The first shows for any given user, their member groups, data sets belonging to them and all data sets they have access to. A second report summarises all data sets within the system, their size and their owner.

A Similarity Comparison tool has been added in this release.  This offers a means of identifying documents in your data repository similar to a submitted document. This is ideal for finding existing contracts that are similar to a new one that has been submitted for review and then utilising the results of past reviews in the current one.

Several enhancements have been made to the SAR module. You can now apply tags to documents during the SAR review process and filter results by these tags. Additionally it is now possible to exclude emails from/to given email addresses from the results of a SAR. The SAR interface has been enhanced to include a breadcrumb which helps users to understand where they are in the SAR process as well as acting as a navigation tool.

That’s our new year update in the bag, stay tuned for our next announcement soon.