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Nalytics offers a better way to analyse your contracts.

Whether you are looking to appraise your organisation’s contractual obligations, respond to changes in legislation/organisational policy, or identify contracts containing non-standard clauses, there are certain tasks which are typically associated with contract analysis activities. Nalytics provides a range of powerful capabilities which automate particular aspects of the wider process to allow for the redistribution of resources towards more stimulating, higher-value work. Nalytics helps you to significantly reduce overall time dedicated to contract review so you can be sure that you are asking the right questions in order to make more informed decisions, faster, and ensure your high standards of service are upheld.

Why Nalytics?

Taking the strain out of contract review and analysis.

Contract analysis can be a time-consuming and tedious process, often consisting of various simple yet crucial tasks which can add up over time, significantly delaying business turnover and diverting attention away from more strategic priorities. By automating a number of these repetitive tasks, Nalytics enables you to focus only on content within contracts that is relevant to the task at hand in order to mitigate the risk of human error and enable faster and more accurate review.


Manage and track your contractual obligations. 

In addition to recognising dates (irrespective of the format in which they occur within your data), Nalytics can identify and extract specific date types, such agreement date, date of renewal, contract start/end date, and so on. This means that navigating to key dates within your contracts can be done at the click of a button and obligations can be monitored to ensure they are met within the required timeframe.




Benefit from the power of Nalytics to manage your business more effectively than ever before. Let us show you the value that has been hidden in your unstructured data and documents.

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