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Data Preservation

Future proof your digital information with Nalytics

Built upon our core precision search capabilities, Nalytics will create a secure and fully searchable archive of your legacy data, accessible from anywhere and supported by a range of powerful tools enabling fast and accurate retrieval of information, whenever it is required.

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Archiving strategies and the value of legacy data.

When an organisation decides to decommission or retire old software, the associated challenge of preserving legacy data can be a daunting one. Whilst many organisations opt to either continue paying costly license fees to their incumbent vendors to retain access, or simply migrate all of their legacy data into the replacement system, many are increasingly recognising the value of developing a dedicated archiving strategy as a more cost-effective approach.

The Nalytics search and discovery platform will index and store legacy data in a fully searchable archive to provide you with access to this valuable organisational memory within a cloud-based environment. Nalytics is completely secure and easy to use, and because metadata and descriptive fields from your legacy systems are also captured, you can be sure that your standards for document integrity are upheld.

"We have been able to migrate everything into a new, secure, simple to use environment with almost zero overhead in terms of management time and at a fraction of the cost. Nalytics Preserve provides us with an easy to use, fast and effective way to access and search all our legacy documents, helping us easily find what we need to meet our regulatory requirements, including GDPR, and retention policies.”

Steve Savage, Partner - Head of IT and Development at Gosschalks Solicitors - Read Case Study

Why Nalytics?


Supporting your regulatory compliance and retention policies.

An effective archiving strategy should always begin with a thorough review of data repositories to determine what information should be retained. However, as crucial as this initial review is, we understand that this process is often an ongoing one, as retention periods for different regulations and policies vary and the relevance or importance of different data changes over time. Nalytics’ search & discovery capabilities enable deep insight into the kinds of data you hold and where it’s held, to allow for continuous review of your system to identify data which should be deleted, archived or retained as and when necessary.


Search across both historic and live data repositories simultaneously.

Nalytics can also index and provide access to content stored in a live implementation of your current content/document/matter management system to allow for a more holistic review of your entire IT estate, enhanced with precision-search capabilities. Users can access both live and historic data simultaneously without incurring the cost of migrating all legacy data into the new system, and capabilities such as document comparison and entity extraction can be used to support you in a range of business activities. Content can be displayed either within in our proprietary viewer or, for live data, the original source can be opened directly from within Nalytics.



Benefit from the power of Nalytics to manage your business more effectively than ever before. Let us show you the value that has been hidden in your unstructured data and documents.

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