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Save time and reduce costs associated with FOI requests.

In the interests of transparency and accountability, the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities, subject to certain exemptions. Responding to FOI requests can place a considerable strain on resources and, given the requirement that most public authorities must respond to requests within 20 working days, organisations must carry out this work promptly.

These requests often involve searches across multiple systems and data sources, requiring multiple sub-requests across different departments to find answers within unstructured data or the free text narratives held within systems, emails and documents. Nalytics facilitates the collection of this kind of disparate data into one or more data sets, enabling you to search for information simultaneously across your entire IT estate.

Why Nalytics?

Get quantifiable answers, even from unstructured data.

Unstructured data refers to any data that is not organised in a uniform or pre-defined format, such as the free text held within Word documents, emails and PDF files. With its unique indexing technology, Nalytics is well suited to searching across these data sources to answer questions of “How many?”, even where the values in question are not coded or inherently countable and metadata values are incomplete - for example, how many planning applications mention greenfield, schools or golf courses?

Easy to use, with minimal training and no technical expertise required.

Our intuitive user interface makes Nalytics particularly useful for organisations whose employees are expected to deal with FOI requests alongside additional day-to-day responsibilities. Reporting tools such as the drag-and-drop interface for note-taking enable anyone on your team to quickly prepare FOI responses with minimal effort. Automatic redaction ensures responses can be easily censored to mitigate the risk of inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or confidential information.




Benefit from the power of Nalytics to manage your business more effectively than ever before. Let us show you the value that has been hidden in your unstructured data and documents.

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