Global News Network Reduces Time on Data Search & Analysis using Nalytics


In today’s fast moving world, journalists and media outlets are under constant pressure to find accurate information quickly.

As the public’s appetite for content across all channels explodes, finding information for (hopefully exclusive) news items is imperative. Journalists need to be able to get directly to the relevant content as quickly as possible.

The Challenge

This international news and entertainment network, renowned for breaking news and insightful reporting, required a powerful research tool capable of searching and analysing any unstructured data quickly and easily across an infinite number of digital data sources. This data included spreadsheets and emails, as well as other documents in various file formats such as OCR, PDF, HTML, text format PDF and CSV.

Having previously used other forensic search software, but found it difficult to navigate and cost prohibitive, they were looking for a solution that was intuitive and could be implemented easily.

The Solution

Nalytics, the powerful search and discovery platform from Nalanda Technology, was chosen to help this global news network access and analyse information quickly and easily.

Provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), Nalytics’ unique precision search capability allows this organization to quickly find the information they know, discover what they don’t know (but should) enabling them to easily analyse and visualize the data presented.

The Result

Nalytics enables this global news network to perform fast, precise searches, with the results presented within the context of surrounding information. They can quickly find the specific details they are looking for by easily scanning the results.

An Investigative Reporter at the organisation said,

“We were confident Nalanda’s skills in the areas of precision search matched our requirements and the Nalytics search platform delivers exactly what we’re looking for - a valuable ‘go to’ data tool which enables us to extract knowledge from a wide range of unstructured data.”

“Nalytics allows us to perform precision searching across numerous documents to access exactly what we need. We can ‘drill down’ into any document, or add additional information to a particular document type and then easily share with the team.”

“The implementation of the system was quick and easy and Nalanda’s technical support throughout was outstanding.”

“Nalytics turns our data into knowledge helping us to maintain our reputation for consistently delivering the diverse range of global news that we do.”

Key Benefits

  • Provides precise results – allows you to focus on your research rather than losing time trying to find things 
  • Reduce the time taken to search through large and/or disparate bodies of data
  • Discover any ‘hidden’ information in data sets
  • Utilize advanced data analysis techniques
  • Simple to use with an intuitive user interface
  • Easy to implement using SaaS model
  • Cost effective and secure search technology