Gosschalks is a leading full-service law firm operating from purpose-built offices in Kingston upon Hull. Their client base stretches across the UK and includes a diverse range of business types from individuals to large PLCs.  The practice seeks to maintain an outstanding level of service to its clients and uses thoughtfully applied technology to enhance its value offering.

The Challenge

Gosschalks’ challenge was to provide a suitable library for their users to maintain access to important historic documents following the introduction of a new Legal Practice Management System.   Any new solution for their legacy document library would need to be cost effective, secure, respect document integrity and avoid complexity for their users in order to reduce the risks associated with such a process.

They had previously utilised iManage as their core document management solution, which would become their legacy document library following the implementation of a specially adapted Microsoft SharePoint based solution from Peppermint Technology, (who specialise in Legal Service Platforms).   The business compliance requirement was to preserve and maintain this legacy data as an archive of documents, emails and attachments, along with all associated metadata to enable fast and simple access for their users.

Gosschalks required an effective method for achieving this without the associated cost and overhead involved with maintaining their existing iManage on-premise infrastructure. Their legacy document library, acquired over the last 15 years, would need to be accessible to their users for as long as 8 years post implementation.   They had accumulated over 8 million documents, which represented nearly a terabyte of fully indexed data in their iManage document management system.  

The Solution

Nalanda Technology worked through a series of scenarios to explore alternative approaches that could preserve their matter content, reduce their running costs, and avoid populating their new system with too much historical data. Adopting an Agile Development approach, a series of ‘proof of concepts’ were built to test user acceptance, scalability and security.

The resulting solution is built on Nalanda Technology’s ‘Nalytics’ platform with a bespoke “matter specific” document search interface. The solution, ‘Nalytics Preserve’, provided to Gosschalks as a subscription based software as a service solution, is designed to reflect how users previously interacted with iManage to aid with user adoption and to reduce training costs.  

The Result

Following a successful pilot project, Nalytics Preserve was rolled out to the entire practice with all users now accessing their historical legacy content through Nalytics.  

More than 8 million documents with a total size of around 1TB are stored within a single Nalytics preserve.  All of these documents and their associated metadata are now securely stored and accessed through a single hosted browser based service that is easily integrated into their current Legal Services Platform from Peppermint.

Steve Savage, Development Director at Gosschalks commented,

“Retiring our iManage solution in favour of something new was not an easy decision to make.  It was made more difficult because we needed to find a robust solution for our legacy documents without having to maintain all of the licenses and hardware required to retain our iManage infrastructure over the coming years.

Thankfully, we have been able to migrate everything into a new, secure, simple to use environment with almost zero overhead in terms of management time and at a fraction of the cost.  Having worked with Nalanda to refine the search process based around our specific requirements, our Nalytics Preserve solution also offers other significant benefits too, such as enhanced metadata search performance and improved content functionality.”

Following the full migration to Nalytics, Gosschalks has been able to free up a significant amount of resource within its VMWare based environment, which will be utilised by the practice to provide additional solutions in the future without the need for further investment in new hardware.  They no longer need to spend time managing huge amounts of data within their on-premise environment which was time consuming and costly.

Steve adds:

“The Nalytics Preserve solution delivers a really neat and intuitive solution to our legacy document needs.  It provides us with an easy to use, fast and effective way to search, discover and access all our legacy documents utilising the rich metadata we have built up over the years – everything our users told us they needed.  Not only that, but is has enabled us to make significant savings around infrastructure and data management overheads.

Throughout the development process, the team at Nalanda were superb. They were always willing to listen to our exact needs and constantly delivered ahead of expectations.  Since go-live they have continued to monitor user activity and usage trends to make minor tweaks in order to fine-tune our solution to ensure maximum performance.  There is no doubt that Nalytics Preserve helps our lawyers to maintain our high standards of client service and will continue to do so for years to come.  Overall, a very solid, capable and reliable solution for our needs.”

Key Benefits

  • Simple to use, quick and effective search engine for Gosschalks’ legacy documents
  • Advanced search capability - enables full indexing providing the ability to locate based on content of any document, email and attachment.
  • Improved data discovery - Results presented within their context, so users can easily determine what they are looking at.
  • Enhanced productivity through more intelligent search capability.
  • Advanced analytical capability across 8 million documents.
  • Ability to target sub sets of content for further detailed analysis.
  • Significant cost savings through reduced overheads and management time.