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Automating the routine to save you time and money.

As legal innovation continues to reshape the practice of law, firms are becoming increasingly aware of the value of technology in supporting a range of legal activities. With unparalleled precision-search capabilities and a sophisticated suite of easy-to-use tools, Nalytics alleviates the burden of routine search, discovery and analytical tasks, freeing up resources and affording you time to invest in the work that really matters. 

“Nalytics has been great for me in my role to really help develop something that not only benefits us and our clients, but the legal profession generally, to help them with some of the challenges that we had.”

Sarah Blair, IT Director at Thorntons Solicitors - Read Case Study



Use Cases


Enhance the value of your existing software solutions. 

Nalytics integrates seamlessly into your organisation to complement your existing IT infrastructure. Capable of indexing and exploring content stored across software solutions such as case or matter management systems, Nalytics  will uncover the inherent value hidden within the data you already hold.


Intuitive and easy to use, straight out of the box.

Fast and uncomplicated installation means you can be and running within hours whilst an intuitive user interface ensures that Nalytics can be used by anyone, with minimal training required, to deliver measurable results and true ROI from day one. The Nalytics platform is also highly scalable to provide support for additional content and users with no major infrastructural work necessary.


Why Nalytics?


Benefit from the power of Nalytics to work more efficiently than ever before. Search, discover and analyse data across your firm's entire IT estate to find the required information at the right time.

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