Andrew Chilvers will discuss and explore GDPR Compliance, process and technology strategies. 

In 2020 everything changed forever. That is what people will say when they look back at the year.

As Covid-19 gripped the globe, organisations finally understood how vulnerable they were when faced with the ongoing tsunami of largely unstructured big data.

With the transformation of the workplace – and the overnight rise in home working – organisations were suddenly desperate to introduce news ways of operating. This included the application of new technology to help with the digital transformation of all services – and this transformation in turn required a more robust approach to cybersecurity in the face of ballooning cyberattacks.

Underpinning all these changes was data protection compliance. From GDPR to PCI DSS, compliance regimes needed to adapt quickly to the new normal. Nowhere was this more pertinent than for the UK where Brexit was creating uncertainty around data protection compliance following the country’s imminent exit from the EU on January 31, 2021.

In this presentation we will look at this altered landscape and at the changing nature of data protection compliance - which is critical for the security of the world in which we find ourselves.



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