Nalanda Technology is working with two students from the University of Stirling as part of The Data Lab and e-Placement Scotland’s industry placement programme. Both students are studying for an MSc in Big Data and as part of their final module, are carrying out ‘real world’ projects using the Company’s search and discovery platform ‘Nalytics.’

Nalanda, which is based in Glasgow, has been working with these students since June 2016.

David Rivett, Co-Founder and COO of Nalanda Technology, explains:

“We are delighted to be supporting The Data Lab and University of Stirling working with the two MSc students on these extremely worthwhile projects. The placement programme is an ideal opportunity to prepare students for a career in Data Science, whilst allowing them to gain real experience working in a company.

“Both projects perfectly demonstrate how Nalytics could be used to search, discover and analyse Big Data and the students were delighted to have this tool to help them."

He adds:

“Tapping into the emerging data science in this area is a major research and development source for us by allowing us to combine the latest artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning techniques with our Nalytics platform. Projects like this just confirm how versatile our solution is for undertaking research like this.”

Nalytics, which was launched earlier this year, is the first complete search package capable of searching all unstructured data from any device. It is a next generation precision search and discovery tool, which is proven to find that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ at speeds never seen before. This smart search tool means previously hard to reach data, due to search engine limitations, can now be retrieved and made meaningful.

Kevin Swingler, Department of Computing Science and Mathematics at University of Stirling said:

“We are delighted an up and coming technology company like Nalanda is involved in our industry placement programme.

The Programme is an extremely valuable part of the student’s MSc and allows them to see exactly how Big Data can be used within industry in the real world.”