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Redefining the world of search.

Nalytics® is a unique cloud solution for searching and analysing all of your structured and unstructured data, from any device. Nalytics helps individuals, teams and entire organisations by providing highly responsive, secure and accurate contextual access to the knowledge it contains. With our unique techniques for deconstructing data and index building, we have created a highly sophisticated Unified Information Access platform. 

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Key features:



Structured vs. unstructured data. 


"Essentially, structured data analytics describes and explains what’s happening, while unstructured data analytics explains

why it’s happening. Knowing what’s happening may enable you to form an idea of what’s going on and take action, but without

understanding why you are running too high a risk that it’s wrong."


Quote taken from Innovation Enterprise



Why Nalytics?


Benefit from the power of Nalytics to manage your business more effectively than ever before. Let us show you the value that has been hidden in your unstructured data and documents.

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