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Our platform. Your data.

We're up to the challenge, are you?

Investing in new technology and processes can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, which is why we’re offering the Nalytics Challenge. Using your own data, allow us to demonstrate how Nalytics transforms the way you manage digital information, taking you from simply looking to finding.

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Step 1: Gather your data. 

Pull together some data that you would like to work with - anything from PDFs to TXT files to emails to Word documents. This is a great opportunity to explore data stores in your system that may have become disorganised and difficult to navigate over time.



Step 2: We'll upload and model it.

Once you’ve provided us with some content, we’ll prepare, upload and model the data within Nalytics. Your files will be stored in a cloud-based server in accordance with the principles, best practices and controls for security and protection as identified by the UK Government’s Cloud Service Security Principles and Cyber Essentials scheme.



Step 3: Demo and evaluation.

We’ll walk you through the key differentiators of our product and demonstrate just how effortless searching for information can be with our supercharged, navigational index. Rapidly identify relevant information in your data with a high degree of accuracy, at various levels of granularity.

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