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Nalytics Subject Access Requests (SARs) 'Pay As You Go' Solution

The Nalytics SARs solution helps organisations prepare their Subject Access Request responses in an easier, faster and more cost effective way via a ‘Pay As You Go’ self-service portal.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Register your email address.

Step 2 - Login details will be sent to you to provide free access to the Nalytics SARs solution.

Step 3 - Log into Nalytics SARs and process your first SAR for free.

Step 4 - Use the portal as and when you require to process a SAR via a PAYG payment option.

The Problem with Subject Access Requests…
Organisations often struggle to respond to Subject Access Requests in the time allowed and typically do not have defined SAR processes in place. Combined with the infrequency of SARs, it makes undertaking each new one as tricky and time-consuming as the first.


Not only do companies often struggle to search their data for relevant information, but they risk missing information if a particular person can be referred to by many names, as well as other identifiers - this is where the Nalytics SARs solution can help.


Nalytics SARs provides a range of capabilities which mitigate risk and reduce the inevitable strain that SARs can place on resources to support effective GDPR compliance. As well as identifying documents containing personal data across your systems for the preparation of SAR responses, Nalytics SARs gives you a deeper insight into the types of personal data you hold to support wider data management practices throughout your organisation.


Define who you are looking for and how they can be recognised. Provide full names, alternative names, common misspellings, ID numbers, abbreviations and more to search for alternatives across specified data. 


Exclude exempt data such as legally privileged information, management information, opinions or confidential references. Ensure only the most relevant information is returned for review. 




Censor data to obscure details that should not be disseminated, such as sensitive, confidential , or third party information. Redact within the Nalytics viewer or from a copy of the original source document.


Prepare response output easily using drag-and-drop to collate relevant content directly from search results. Responses can be printed or exported to Word for convenient electronic dissemination.

Quickly locate personal data related to a particular individual.

Nalytics SARs makes locating personal data related to an individual quick and easy. By using names, titles and alternatives (such as abbreviations, misspellings, etc.) defined by you, Nalytics SARs will identify documents containing personal data related to the data subject and present you with a set of highly relevant results for review. You can then make use of Nalytics SARs powerful pattern-matching capabilities to surface specific types of personally identifiable information (PII) and other personal data within these documents, such as email addresses, card numbers and sort codes.


Ensure relevant documents are readily available for disclosure.

Nalytics SARs facilitates efficient preparation of SAR responses with a range of easy-to-use tools and features, including an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which allows you to create notes directly from search results. Each item in your notes is hyperlinked to enable quick and convenient access to the original search result and its source for situations which may call for further investigation. When preparing response output for disclosure, Nalytics SARs offers automatic redaction of sensitive or confidential information. Censor this information either within the proprietary document viewer or by redacting directly from a copy of the original source document.



Nalytics SARs can significantly reduce the time you spend responding to a SAR and improve their accuracy – simplify your Subject Access Request responses!

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