At international law and notary firm Allen & Overy, a lot of time was wasted assessing extracts from the Land Registry in connection with the notary’s duty to investigate. Thanks to Nalytics Land Registry Compare (LRC), developed by Nalanda Technology, a lot of time is now saved.

The notaries and paralegals previously compared these extracts manually, which made this a time-consuming and error-prone job. Allen & Overy needed a solution to handle these activities more efficiently.

The Solution

Nalanda Technology developed the solution, Nalytics Land Registry Compare (LRC), for the notary lawyer. Nalanda's solution compares large quantities of extracts from the Land Registry to identify any differences. The tool has been implemented, tested and user feedback has been processed by Nalanda to optimize the solution.

As a consultant, Eefje Scheerder was involved in the rollout of Nalytics LRC at Allen & Overy.

“Comparing extracts from the Land Registry is monotonous work that must be done meticulously. The notaries are usually very busy, so it is much better and faster if this process is automated. The notaries will then only have to spend valuable time on the exceptions that come up.”

Corporate legal data analyst Mischa Grunberg of Allen & Overy agrees with this. He is also very satisfied with the collaboration with Nalanda:

“The collaboration ran very smoothly throughout the entire process. The people at Nalanda were very responsive and always ready to help. That is certainly a concrete advantage for junior civil-law notaries. I see the use of Nalytics LRC as a first step in our tech literacy and with one eye on the future, we look forward to other solutions from Nalanda.”

Leon Hoppenbrouwers, partner at Allen & Overy:

“We look forward to using the Nalytics LRC for our customers. I expect that with this solution we will save a lot of time and we look forward to a further cooperation with Nalanda in the future.”

About Nalanda Technology

Part of the OLM Group of companies, with offices in London, Glasgow and Amsterdam, Nalanda Technology has developed the Nalytics search & discovery Platform. The Nalytics Platform is primarily based on Precision Search - what makes Nalytics stand out is the simple, fast and intuitive way it offers to precisely search and analyse data powered by full-text indexing and natural language processing (NLP). Millions of documents can be searched in seconds with results presented within their context.

The Nalytics Platform helps individuals, teams and entire organisations access and analyse their data quickly and easily to enhance insight, drive innovation and deliver improvements.

About Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy is a leading international law and civil-law notary firm that assists companies, financial institutions, government agencies and social organizations with the best possible legal advice. The law & notary firm has a strong worldwide network with offices in more than thirty countries.


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