Nalytics are delighted to be sponsors of the 10th annual Alternative Legal IT Conference, which will take place in Warwickshire from the 25th-26th September. The event will bring together over 100 IT directors and decision makers from across the legal sector in a forum dedicated to education and knowledge exchange.

With key themes covering data analytics, cyber security, cloud technologies and more, the conference will look at how technology can enhance and support the development of the mid-market law firms, highlighting innovation as a strategic priority in the legal space. The event will also play host to a series of roundtable sessions led by IT directors from across the industry, sharing experiences and lessons learnt in the legal tech field.

Attending on behalf of Van Doorne - a full-service leading law firm with offices in Holland and the UK - Jos van Doorn (pictured), Head of Innovation and Technology, in conjunction with Nalytics, will discuss the importance of embracing technology to drive innovation and deliver value across the business.

Jos’ responsibilities include overseeing innovation and managing digital transformation across all aspects of the business, with a focus on enhancing business operations and improving the delivery of legal services to the firm’s international client-base. His roundtable session will look at his role in delivering large-scale technology integration projects, most recently in Van Doorne’s adoption of Nalytics.

Jos said:

“Monitoring the legal services landscape to anticipate the changing demands of the market is a crucial factor in any modern law firm’s success strategy. At Van Doorne, we are constantly tracking the latest developments in legal tech and assessing the impact that these developments will have on the business models of firms like ours. This ensures that we are always able to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.”

Referencing Van Doorne’s use of Nalytics, Jos added:

“Locating important information and extracting this data from contracts and documents is one of the most common and straightforward tasks for a lawyer – but it is also very time consuming. The same is true for contract review and comparison. Together with Nalytics, we developed a proof of concept (POC) to address this, adopting an agile approach to meet our requirements.

We have learned a lot about the importance of focusing on specific business procedures throughout the development process, and we now recognise the value of maintaining close working relationships in order to deliver effective and responsive solutions.

At the roundtable session, we hope to offer an insight into how firms can seamlessly and successfully integrate new technologies into their existing IT infrastructures to improve productivity, drive efficiency, and ultimately create real, lasting business value. This conference is an excellent learning and networking opportunity for legal professionals and I look forward to sharing our story with the delegates next week.”

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