Nalanda Technology has secured City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council as a new customer of their Nalytics SARs solution.

Nalytics Subject Access Requests (SARs) solution helps organisations meet their GDPR compliance requirements quickly and easily by streamlining and improving their SAR response process.

Bradford Council typically respond to around 400 Subject Access Requests a year, and they required an effective solution to manage these.

Nij Basi, Information Governance Manager at Bradford Council said-

“Using Nalytics SARs, we have managed to significantly reduce our time and effort spent responding to Subject Access Requests.

The solution enables us to fulfil our GDPR compliance requirements, enabling us to meet the statutory time frame for responding to a SAR.

Nalytics SARs helps us to efficiently search for personally identifiable information and automatically redact sensitive information.”

Robeena Khan at Bradford Council also said-

“The most useful part is when I am working on 4 or 5 SARs at once, I am not wasting time remembering where I got up to when redacting a document. Using Nalytics SARs has cut the time in half figuring out which point I had got up to with the solution's easy checklist function."

The layout of the system has made it easier to know how many files are still yet to redact, and how many days I have left until the deadline, which has saved time having all the SARs organised.”

The speed at which I can redact and check a document has definitely improved and allows for more attention to detail.”

Margaret Warrington, Nalanda Technology’s Product Manager added-

“We are delighted Bradford Council have chosen Nalytics SARs as their preferred solution for helping them effectively mange their Subject Access Requests.

The Nalytics SARs solution can be implemented quickly and easily, and we are very happy Robeena and her team now have an easy, fast, accurate, cost-effective process to prepare SAR responses through using our solution.”

Nij adds-

“Nalytics SARs is already proving to be an invaluable addition to our SAR response toolkit, and we look forward to working with Nalanda Technology in the future.”

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