Last week’s Fintech event at Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh played host to a wide range of delegates from a number of different organisations. It was an extremely informative and worthwhile event for Nalanda confirming how important being able to precisely search and access unstructured data is to companies. Finding information within the corporate environment quickly and easily, supports better more accurate decision making, all the time enabling organisations to ‘know their customers better’ - a key area of focus across the financial services sector.


As pictured, our COO, David Rivett, hosted some demo’s of our Nalytics software and our Solution Consultant, George Steven, presented two workshops at the event focused on ‘Precision Search’ and how companies could reduce the time and money spent on data search.


Overall, Fintech 2016 was an exciting opportunity to network and discuss technological innovation and how it could benefit the financial services sector - roll on next year’s event!


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