We have released a new version of our Nalytics software - V1.5. This release includes a number of additional features and resource enhancements. Illustrated below are key highlights.

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Scheduling Updates to Resource Sets

Facilitates the automatic update of resource sets within a scheduled time window.


Ensures users are able to access the most up-to-date information without burdening an individual(s) with the responsibility of doing this manually.

NABIT Extension for Chrome     

A new tool delivered as a Chrome (or Firefox) extension. Once installed, ‘NABIT’ is used to gather web addresses for Nalytics.  When users are in a page they wish to add to Nalytics, they can click the ‘NABIT’ button in the browser. When they return to Nalytics, they will be prompted to specify which resource set they would like to store the information in. 


As well as ‘nabbing’ the page’s URL, users can choose to ‘nab’ URL links on the page. 

Users can ‘nab’ as many addresses as they like.

Streamlines and speeds up the collection of web addresses.

Gathering Wizard

This optional wizard guides the user through the process of adding resources to new or existing resource sets.


Helps users with the data gathering process.

Can be turned off if the user prefers.

Stemming of Search Terms         

When this setting is enabled, when a user searches for a word, the system will take the stem of that word and search for all words with the same stem.  For example, ‘produce’ - the system will take the stem ‘prod’ and will find produce, produced, producing, production, etc.               


Provides a ‘broader brush’ search option where users have a desire to see more (and therefore less precise) results.