BuzzFeed, the leading independent global media company, has extended its use of the Nalytics technology platform.

BuzzFeed operates in a high-pressure world, where accessing information rapidly and accurately, and finding the ‘needles in the haystack’ is mission critical. This is getting more-and-more difficult given the burgeoning volumes of unstructured, textual data overwhelming today’s businesses.

To help them succeed in this dynamic environment BuzzFeed needed an agile partner, willing to operate in a close and flexible fashion, and able to respond innovatively.

One of BuzzFeed’s Senior Editors explains:

“It’s not just about the quality of the solution, but about the quality of the relationship. The Nalytics team has a refreshingly open and agile approach to working with us, which has seen our investment in them increase accordingly. They are a customer-centric organisation that respond quickly to our changing needs.”

“Data is a strategic, core asset to us; its enablement is vital and a pre-requisite to any digital transformation exercise. Nalytics is an essential partner on this journey.”

BuzzFeed is looking forward to evangelising its use of Nalytics to its wider international base.