Nalytics are delighted to be co-sponsors of Big Data Scotland 2017, taking place at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on the 7th December.

Organised by DIGIT and now in its 4th year, this Conference brings together technology experts and business leaders from across a range of industries in order to explore and discuss the ways in which big data continues to redefine business. With key themes around security and privacy, artificial intelligence, data visualisation and more, Big Data Scotland provides a valuable opportunity for organisations to learn about the latest tools and innovative technologies that can be used to gain practical insights and value from their data.

As well as exhibiting, Nalytics will also be presenting two break-out sessions at the event: ‘Taking Data Search, Discovery and Analysis to the Next Level’. Presented by Solution Consultant, George Steven, they will provide an opportunity to learn more about:


  • Reducing time and effort in locating information, identifying what data you hold and where it’s held (essential for GDPR compliance)

  • Uncovering the hidden value in your data, enabling you to “know what you don’t know”

  • Improving decision making through the use of enhanced data visualisation


Nalytics COO, David Rivett, who will be amongst the attendees of the conference, explains:

“We are very much looking forward to attending Big Data Scotland 2017 next week. It will be our third year exhibiting at the event, which never fails to provide fantastic opportunities for delegates to learn about what they can do to manage their data more efficiently and effectively.

Our breakout sessions will explore how companies can locate important information and gain deeper insights into their data, especially critical for GDPR compliance when the regulation comes into effect next year. We will also be offering companies an opportunity to take part in the ‘Nalytics Challenge’ - find out more about this at the event!” 


David adds:

“Organisations are increasingly recognising the value of their data, irrespective of industry, and we’re delighted to be a part of an event that is dedicated to keeping companies informed about how they can maximise this value and manage it efficiently in the future.”


Big Data Scotland 2017, supported by ScotlandIs and the Data Lab, is the largest data analytics conference in Scotland and will offer a valuable insight into the evolution of big data, data analytics, and business intelligence. For more information about the conference, please visit or to find out more about how Nalytics can help you, request a free demo.