Responses need to be made in a comprehensive and timely fashion, which can consume an inordinate amount of resources to process compliantly.


David Rivett, Nalytics COO explains-

“It seemed natural to use our pioneering AI-enhanced search and discovery platform to underpin a technology solution for SARs. It’s something that many of our clients have been looking for and we’ve been lucky enough for several of them to work collaboratively with us to ensure a successful product outcome.”


Mac Exon-Taylor, Nalytics Business Development Director, adds-

“SARs is becoming a thorn in the side for many organisations. Now, much of the task can be streamlined and dramatically sped-up in a user-friendly wizard driven platform, letting technology take the strain. Our SARs solution has been extremely well-received by our pilot customers who’ve helped tremendously in refining its capabilities based on their real SARs experience.”


The technology allows users to rapidly Identify appropriate records, redact any sensitive information easily and then export a zip file to their local environment. The platform is available as a cloud-hosted solution and delivered via a standard licensing model or ad-hoc Pay-As-You-Go.