Building Regulations

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy there is a focus on the complexity of Government Building Regulations. After the recent announcement of a Public Inquiry into the tragedy, searching these Approved Documents quickly and easily could be useful for all sorts of people, journalists included! Nalytics has created a free online tool that allows anyone to search this documentation in seconds by entering the words or phrases they are interested in. Powered by Nalytics search and discovery platform and with no log-in required, the tool’s intelligence and precision capabilities present the results within context showing immediate relevance.


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Brexit – Great Repeal Bill

The day after triggering Brexit, the government published details of its "Great Repeal Bill". Described by Theresa May as an "essential step" on the way to leaving the EU, it aims to ensure European law will no longer apply in the UK.Nalytics’ online tool will allow you to search for information on any key word or phrase you are interested in within the Great Repeal Bill - very useful for finding out exactly how Brexit will affect our laws!

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