Nalanda Technology is offering a FREE 30 day trial of its ‘Nalytics’ software to allow journalists to make quick and intelligent searches of Hansard.

At over two billion words, and growing with each parliamentary session, Hansard is a large volume of unstructured text making it difficult to find what you are looking for, or to discover connections between people and events.

The ‘Nalytics’ search platform makes it easy to carry out highly complex and sophisticated searches within minutes.

By entering or searching on whatever words or phrases you are interested in, Nalytics intelligence and precision search capabilities, enables the results to be presented within context showing immediate relevance - users are saved a huge amount of time as they do not have to search through lists of irrelevant returns.

David Rivett, Chief Operating Officer at Nalanda said:

“The free trial we are offering is perfect to showcase the unrivalled capabilities and intelligence of our Nalytics search platform.”

Monitoring and analysing text for sentiment of a specific topic, (Sentiment Analysis) is something many political journalists would like to carry out - this is just one area where Nalytics could help.

The advanced search capability of our solution gets you to the right information at the right time, enabling you to find the data you are looking for quickly and efficiently. Searching a large collection of documents in various formats (including OCR'd PDF, HTML, text format PDF and CSV) such as Hansard, is made easy using Nalytics.”

He added:

“Nalytics is already being used successfully by BuzzFeedUK and we believe it will become an invaluable resource across the political journalism sector.”