As part of The Data Lab and e-Placement Scotland’s industry placement programme, Nalanda Technology worked with two students from the University of Stirling completing the final module of their MSc in Big Data. The students carried out ‘real world’ projects using the Company’s unique search and discovery platform, ‘Nalytics.’

David Rivett, Co-Founder and COO of Nalanda Technology said-

“The students worked on two extremely interesting projects. Leslie Salami, used ‘Natural Language Processing’ techniques to enhance the care that can be provided by Health and Social Care services. Taking the unique Nalytics index and search technology, Leslie was able to summarise a large quantity of text and produce a report of themes and topics showing the spread of key terms amongst the topics. Leslie’s project was a great example of Nalytics being used to find value in vast amounts of information quickly.”

He added-

“Being able to demonstrate where there is risk or an escalation / change in circumstances we believe has real world benefits in the Health and Social Care field. Not only would it allow the sector to make more informed decisions, but it would also enable them to take earlier interventions for the protection of society's most vulnerable people.”

We know there are multiple markets for a tool that can help summarise large volumes of text, highlight topics and visualise relationships in the text - our Nalytics solution is able to do exactly that. Tapping into the emerging data science in this area is a major research and development source for us, allowing us to combine the latest artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning techniques with our Nalytics platform.”

Nalanda’s other MSc student was Moreno Vardanega. Moreno used ‘Sentiment Analysis’ techniques against Hansard, the official publication of record at the House of Commons. At over two billion words, and growing with each parliamentary session, Hansard is a large volume of unstructured text. Being a government prepared political data set, the document is presented in a formal manner and uses a lot of sarcasm which presented the Nalytics software with a great 'real world' test.

David comments-

“Having tested on Hansard and Twitter during the month of June, Moreno had the perfect test cases to work on with 'Brexit' and 'EURO 2016' in France. Live sentiment analysis of various MP's and footballers comments helped tune the model to work accurately and in real time. Nalytics helped Moreno monitor and analyse text for sentiment of a specific topic, with the ability to show the changing sentiment over time where a timeline or chronology existed – the Nalytics tool was ideal for ‘getting to the heart of the matter’!”

Nalytics is the first complete search and discovery package capable of searching all unstructured data from any device. Proven to find that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ at speeds never seen before, this smart search tool means previously hard to reach data, due to search engine limitations, can now be retrieved and made meaningful.

David adds-

“As a Glasgow technology start-up company, we were delighted to support The Data Lab and University of Stirling on this worthwhile project. Projects like this just confirm how versatile our Nalytics solution is for undertaking research such as this.”