Nalanda Technology will be hosting two breakout 'Precision Search' seminars at Fintech 2016 in Edinburgh on 11 October 2016.

The Company recently commissioned independent analysis of the Scottish Financial Services sector, and will report its findings, the challenges the sector faces, and how true innovation can help, during Fintech 2016.

The seminars will explore three key areas of ‘big data’ and ‘unstructured data’: Search, Discovery and Analysis.


There are a lot of variables and risks when searching disparate sources with different standards, qualities, volumes and potentially duplicates. If the average knowledge-related workforce spends 20% of their time searching (a widely acknowledged statistic), it seems they cannot be finding the material they are looking for in a precise and timely manner!


How does a researcher find relevant information that they didn’t already know existed?  How can they drill down into the information that is important, briefing worthy and actionable? Once the criteria are assessed, how is it disseminated or shared within teams or with management to ensure that the information is weighted and proportionate?


The ability to analyse vast amounts of information is more than just creating great visualisations of your data. Using advanced cognitive techniques, natural language processing, content summarisation, topic highlighting, sentiment analysis should not only be tools for data scientists.           

David Rivett, Co-Founder and COO of Nalanda Technology explains:

“The main purpose of the seminars will be to show how simple yet powerful search tools can not only help find information within the corporate environment, but support better more accurate decision making, all the time enabling organisations to ‘know their customers better.’ Your data is very valuable, so therefore you need to use it.”

Visit the Fintech 2016 website to register your attendance at the event.