Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk Attorneys is a Utrecht-based law firm in Holland, with a team of lawyers, tax advisors and mediation specialists.


The Challenge

Lawyers and legal staff in the office are often required to process and analyse large amounts of information in a very short time – an example being due diligence processes for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). These processes require quick and accurate analysis of all contracts and company documents in order to identify specific financial risks and for the company’s lawyers to advise their clients accordingly.


The Solution and Result

Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk have been using the Nalytics search and discovery platform from Nalanda Technology since Spring 2017. With the help of Nalytics, employees at the company are able to carry out their due diligence process work in a very structured manner and with incredible speed.

Able to  search large quantities of documents quickly and efficiently, they can locate the required information, even when the document contains a typing error. Using Nalytics enables Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk to make significant savings in time and money. Furthermore, as a relatively small niche firm, the company are now able to handle larger cases, which bigger law firms may have taken off them previously.


"Nalanda is very supportive and is symapthetic  to our needs; they are always ready to help us.  A dynamic start-up, with a solid company behind them, the Management Team have years of experience. That makes them a solid and reliable partner for us.”

Stefan Vissink – Solicitor – Van Poppel Croonen

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