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Efficient handling of SARs with Nalytics

Data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in May 2018, grants individuals the right to obtain access to any personal information and data that is held and processed by an organisation – this access is enabled via a Subject Access Request (SAR).

The compulsory response time for Subject Access Requests under the GDPR will be reduced, with organisations required to respond to any request within one month of receipt. With the removal of the £10 SAR fee and the volume of SARs therefore likely to increase, it is imperative that organisations understand exactly what personal data they hold for individuals, as well as how and where it is stored, so that they can respond to SARs in an effective and efficient manner.


Here's how Nalytics can help:

The Nalytics search, discovery and analysis platform provides a range of capabilities which allow organisations to conform to GDPR requirements whilst reducing the inevitable strain that SARs can put on resources. Nalytics reduces the risk associated with SARs by quickly and precisely locating personal data which may go overlooked through manual search:



Define who you are looking for and how they can be recognised. For example:

  • alternative names
  • common misspellings
  • email address
  • ID numbers

Search for all alternatives across specified data.


Exclude exempt data such as:

  • legally privileged information
  • management information
  • opinions
  • confidential references





Censor the data to obscure details that should not be disseminated, such as:

  • third parties
  • sensitive data
  • confidential data




Prepare response output:

  • drag-and-drop content to notes
  • export to Word





Benefit from the power of Nalytics to manage your business more effectively than ever before. Let us show you the value that has been hidden in your unstructured data and documents.

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